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Kundalini energy interview with Jeanette Amlie

kundalini energy awakening  Kundalini energy interview with Jeanette Amlie

Jeanette Amlie, Creator of Blue Earth Awakening kindly discusses her experiences and knowledge of kundalini energy and kundalini awakening with ThoughtBrick.

Jeanette has a masters degree in transformational counselling, decades of experience in spiritual practice, and has spent the better part of a decade seeking to understand energetic awakening from a neurosomatic perspective.

Kundalini energy interview with Jeanette Amlie

My journey of conscious, energetic awakening took me through many schools, trainings and teachings for the mind, the body and the spirit. Eventually I found that my calling was simply to share my journey and offer support for others on their path of transformation. It was then that Blue Earth Awakening came to me as a vision when I was sitting beside a still mountain lake. Soon after the website Blue Earth Awakening was created as an online Center for Transformation with the mission of supporting all who are in the throes of energetic awakening.

♡ Jeanette Amlie

What is kundalini energy?

Kundalini energy is one particular manifestation of the human Life Force Energy. In the classic Hindu yogic traditions it is deemed to be the feminine energy that lies coiled at the base of the spine and can be awakened with various spiritual practices. However, each culture has its understanding of this Life Force energy and ways to address its activation in order to enhance one’s conscious awakening.

How can the kundalini be awakened?

Kundalini can be awakened intentionally or unintentionally, which is happening more and more these days. Traditionally in India there have been ashrams dedicated to yogic practices that involved many aspects of life including meditation, spiritual studies, chanting of mantras and nutrition as well as the physical “asana” yoga practices that we are more familiar with in the western world today.

Yet many cultures around the world have also developed ways to help cultivate the life force energy in people and assist in conscious awakening. Ironically, there are many people who have spent years or decades devoted to these practices who have never experience a profound sense of awakening, and there are also increasing numbers of people who have spontaneous experiences without any training or teaching at all. So it seems we are in a new era where the old “rules” don’t necessarily seem to apply much of the time.

What are the dangers of kundalini energy?

In general it is considered dangerous to attempt to use radical practices to force this energy to rise up within an unprepared body-mind. Often times a body that is in poor physical shape and a mind that has been heavily conditioned to believe in the reality of the egoic personality faces greater challenges when this deep energy is kindled.

But it is also important to remember that any process or practice that asks us to turn inward and face the repressed fears and delusions we have of ourselves and the world are likely to create turmoil in the organism simply because their very purpose is to disturb its homeostasis. When this happens one can become overwhelmed as “pandora’s box” begins to open and what we have repressed begins to rise to the surface of our conscious awareness. And indeed there can be a plethora of strange “symptoms” that may occur physically, emotionally or mentally, which western medicine and psychology may find difficult to address.

Yet the most important thing I have found is that any resistance we have, conscious or unconscious, will tend to make the process less fluid and more uncomfortable, so nonjudgmental witnessing can be as beneficial as any specific technique or practice in my experience.

What does a kundalini awakening feel/look/sound like?

This varies so radically from person to person that it is difficult to define specifically. However, at some point in the process there is generally some sense of energy awakening along the spinal column, which may be accompanied by involuntary wave like movements.

There is often a feeling of one’s perceptions opening up and becoming one with the environment and other beings, although this can also take many forms. There can also be an activation of the chakras as well as a feeling of the crown chakra of the head opening up and allowing a flow of energy to pass through the entire body-mind. And one can experience waves of bliss as well as panic as the body-heart-mind are cleared and reorganized by this movement of the Soul.

Yet it is essential that one does not judge their unique process of awakening or compare it to other people’s thinking that it should or shouldn’t be a certain way. Instead, asking for divine assistance will likely bring to each person the guidance and support that is uniquely tailored to their own process of awakening.

Why does  kundalini energy exist?

The human nervous system is designed to function like a conduit linking the body, mind and spirit. However, eons of repressive conditioning have caused us to limit how this natural conductive system works. So the activation of the kundalini energy serves to open up these pathways, restoring their original function and allowing the human organism to become the expansive, creative expression of Divine Consciousness that it was intended to be.

More and more people seem to be having kundalini awakenings. Why do you think this is?

There are many theories about this, but it would seem that it is a combination of various factors including our collective human consciousness progressing in its awareness of a sense of Divine Presence or Self that is not limited by worldly conditions or circumstances. This in tandem with changes in our planet, solar system and galaxy seem to have created an acceleration in the evolution of our consciousness. And there seems to be a tipping of the scales effect, which means that as more and more people begin to awaken this dormant sense of expanded awareness, it ignites this inner fire in others who may otherwise have remained content in their slumber.

What advice would you give to others who would like to experience kundalini energy?

The guidance that each of us needs to awaken ultimately lies within ourselves. Although in the past one may have required spiritual teachers, specific practices and secluded sanctuaries dedicated to this goal in order to experience even a glimpse of physical and mental awakening, we are now in a time where it is often spontaneously revealing itself in the most unexpected circumstances.

Physical conditioning, time spent in nature, spiritual practices and a pure, healthy diet can certainly help encourage the process. Yet I find that the greatest catalyst for awakening is the willingness to begin to see every experience in our lives as Divine communication inviting us to let go of our limiting beliefs in a finite, separate and material world. The more we are willing to simply stop all of our striving and allow a deeper flow of Divine guidance to carry us along, the more likely we are to awaken to the truth of our original nature, whether or not kundalini activation is part of our process.

If you have any questions regarding kundalini energy or have experienced a kundalini energy awakening and would like to know more share your comments, questions and thoughts here.

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