Can meditation help with ADHD — interview with Jon Krop

Meditation and ADHD

After interviewing Chris Bailey from A Year of Productivity about meditation, he put me in touch with meditator, capoeirista and Harvard law graduate, Jon Krop who also has ADHD, so I could interview him about his meditation practice.

Snippet from the interview

“What I would love to see is — and if no one does this, maybe I’ll just have to do it — I would really like to see meditation as a resource directly offered to kids with ADHD because it was so transformative for me. I got it in my late teens/ early 20s and I think I would have been spared a lot of suffering if I’d been taught meditation when I was eleven, seven or I don’t know how young it could have been. But I think, just as something to put out into the world, meditation would be a wonderful thing for people with ADHD — especially kids with ADHD.” Jon Krop

In this meditation interview

  • Mindfulness in everyday life
  • Buddhism, spirituality and enlightenment
  • What is meditation for?
  • Meditation and the ‘true’ or ‘real’ sense of self
  • Meditation and ADHD
  • Meditation and capoeira

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