3 mindfulness tips to help you break away from your busy life

Mindfulness: sitting with friendsIs being busy just a state of mind?

If you’re taking just a few precious moments out of a hectic day to read this, you’re probably thinking that being busy simply isn’t a choice.

Many of us spend our lives running from one thing to the next – work, looking after our children, making meals, cleaning the house, taking the dog for a walk, doing the weekly shop. The to-do list never ends. And after all of that, there are gym classes to fit in, friends and family to see, birthdays to plan for and so on.

When caught in the whirlwind of modern life it can be difficult to take a step back to notice life as it is happening around us.

Many of us accept stress and exhaustion as a part of our daily life and only the brave or desperate dare to step off the racetrack of life to see if there is a way to be more mindful and enjoy a more meaningful existence. Meanwhile the rest of us continue to run round the hamster wheel until we’re dizzy.

It seems in the modern day we are all time poor, sinking beneath the burden of busyness. But does life really have to be so hectic or are we simply our own worst enemy? Is it possible that being ‘busy’ is a state of mind rather than a reality?

Although it may not be possible to completely strip our lives of ever having things to do, there is a practical way for us all to be more ‘in the moment’ or mindful, allowing us to reconnect with life as it happens at any given time.

Here are three mindfulness tips to help you to break away from your busy life:

1. Take a deep breath

Breathing is a powerful way to anchor yourself in the present moment. Take a few minutes each day to concentrate on your breathing. Keep your mind clear of any thoughts and focus on each breath to help you recharge.

2. Stop and listen

Take a moment to simply listen to the sounds around you and enjoy the richness of life in the here and now.

3. Find an anchor

Your anchor could be as simple as a piece of string tied around your wrist but whatever you choose, make sure that when you see it, it will remind you to commit to the present moment.

By practising these three tips each day for a few weeks, it may be possible to step outside of a busy state of mind to feel more relaxed and to enjoy greater happiness in your life.

Written by Rebecca Hall

Photography by Dominic Eve

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  • Janine Hutson

    I think it would be really beneficial to take the time each day to appreciate the here and now. I find myself constantly thinking ‘what’s next?’. Time then feels like its rushing by without taking the time to be grateful for what I have and enjoying the moment.

  • Diana Joinson

    Great article – really made me stop and think! It could have been written with me and my lifestyle in mind – guess it’s probably the same for most people these days. Will definitely try to use the tips.

  • http://www.joanhudsonart.com Joan Hudson

    I really like this article because I can relate to it so easily: I’m a great one for planning and list making but these tips on mindfulness are a good start to meditation as it seems to me that mindfulness helps you to get in the right frame of mind to begin meditation.

  • Gordon McNevin

    I like this article as I’ve never really thought myself as being ‘too busy’ because I think this feeling is just a feeling of not being organised enough for the tasks you have to complete. Collect your thoughts, find out where ‘it hurts’ and tackle that first. By doing this a few times a day you create a buzz of getting things done and not dreading the tasks you are afraid to do. After a few weeks it will become the norm.

    Good article.